4 Facts About Invisalign Elite Preferred Providers

When you decide to get Invisalign, choose the provider who will deliver the most impeccable, customized treatment. That kind of effort comes from professionals with training and experience. Selecting the right Philadelphia orthodontist with an Invisalign Elite Preferred Provider designation ensures that you get the best treatment possible as you address the misalignment of your smile.

1. They Are the Most Experienced Invisalign Providers

Dental professionals who complete the required training and treat a predetermined number of patients become Invisalign Elite Preferred Providers. This title includes only 1% of all orthodontists and dentists, which really does make them elite.

Invisalign Elite Preferred Providers must have extensive experience:

  • Complete 10 continuing education classes per year.
  • Treat over 800 cases over the life of their practice.
  • Treat at least 100 cases every six months.

2. Only a Small Number of Invisalign Providers Are Elite

Straightening teeth with invisible aligners is a specialty. This isn’t a service every orthodontist is trained to offer – and if a professional is new to the science, you’ll be in a better situation if you seek out an expert who has years of experience and hundreds of cases under their belt. This innovative form of adult braces is carefully designed for each patient’s unique mouth and misalignment – you want your provider to get it right from the start so you can enjoy the efficiency and speed of Invisalign.

3. Elite Orthodontists View Invisalign as an Art Form

Orthodontics is meticulous work, and Invisalign is an arm of this art form. Elite Preferred Providers are exceptional practitioners of the art. Not only are orthodontists naturally trained to recognize what needs to be done to align a person’s teeth, they have the support of sophisticated digital imaging which allows them to craft the small, individual movements each tooth needs to make to be a perfect part of the whole. Dedication, experience, and – most of all – practice, lend themselves to an increased skill set and allow an orthodontist to truly early their prestigious elite title.

4. There Are Different Levels of Invisalign Care

Orthodontists must regularly submit Invisalign treatment results for review to maintain standing in the Invisalign community. There are different designations for providers depending on their case load and success rate. Besides Elite Preferred Providers, there are:

  • Elite Providers (300 total cases and 50 cases every six months)
  • Premier Preferred Providers (100 total cases and 50 cases annually)
  • Premier Providers (50 total cases and 25 cases every six months)
  • General Preferred Providers (10 Invisalign cases per year)

Connect with an Invisalign Elite Preferred Provider in Philadelphia

The orthodontists at Roberts & de Marsche have successfully completed thousands of Invisalign cases. This means new smiles for adults and teens using clear aligners created through carefully customized treatment and digital technology.

If you are interested in discovering whether your teeth can be corrected with Invisalign, schedule a consultation with one of our orthodontists in Philadelphia or Lawrenceville. We are proud of our Elite Preferred Provider designation, but we are most proud of giving every one of our patients the gorgeous, healthy smile they deserve. Contact us today. Saturday appointments are available.