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Selecting the right Center City orthodontist for yourself or your child is important. You want to gel with your dentist, respect their methodology, and feel like you are receiving the very best care – braces are, after all, a substantial commitment. At Roberts & de Marsche, your satisfaction with your orthodontic treatment is our top priority. We provide a comfortable environment, modern treatment, and decades of combined experience to give you a healthy, straight smile.

5 Reasons to Choose Roberts & de Marsche as Your Center City Orthodontist

  1. Orthodontic care for every age. We treat both adults and adolescents. Whether you are finally investing in your own smile or setting your child up for a lifetime of good oral health, we provide the appropriate orthodontic treatment for your unique alignment challenges.
  2. Certified Invisalign provider. Roberts & de Marsche are top certified Invisalign providers in Center City. We have successfully treated over 2,000 patients using Invisalign for adults and Invisalign Teen. Our experience allows us to carefully, thoughtfully, and successfully correct your alignment problems with this discreet orthodontic method.
  3. Multiple orthodontic options. We offer different types of conventional braces. Ceramic braces are subtle and can be applied using clear or tooth-colored brackets and wires. Lingual braces are attached to the back of the teeth. Metal braces are the original, reliable orthodontic option; the modern version of this alignment method is unobtrusive and treatment time is often faster than with other types of braces.
  4. Two convenient locations. When you wear braces, you need to see your orthodontist regularly. We offer two convenient locations – Center City, Philadelphia, and Lawrenceville, NJ – so we can accommodate your schedule and obligations.
  5. Customized treatment. Always be wary of a quick-fix method of orthodontia. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. At our Center City orthodontist practice, there is only customized treatment. We examine your mouth, discuss your budget and lifestyle, and personalize your orthodontia so it is the right for you. The goal is to create your newly aligned smile using the most beneficial, efficient orthodontic treatment for you and you alone.

Center City Orthodontist Provides Customized Treatment

For many patients, getting braces is about aesthetics. You want your teeth to be straight and look good, and you want your teeth to get this way as unobtrusively as possible. As your Center City orthodontist, we know there is more to treatment with braces than just appearance.

We understand that you want straight teeth without a lot of hassle or embarrassing hardware. But it’s also important to use the best possible braces for your needs, whether you have an overbite, underbite, open bite, gaps, overcrowding, or any combination of alignment issues.

While many adults and teens gravitate toward Invisalign braces, your alignment concerns may not be best served with Invisalign. There may be a more effective orthodontic method that straightens your teeth faster and better than the more subdued method.

At Roberts & de Marsche, we review all viable orthodontic options for your case and discuss the reality of living with each type of braces, your responsibilities as a braces-wearer, treatment time, desired outcome, and the many benefits of braces.

Remember, braces move tooth roots and align the jaw – they’re not just shifting the crown of each tooth. So, not only will you have straight teeth at the end of your treatment, you will be less likely to have TMJ problems or other jaw discomfort, get food stuck between your teeth, or develop cavities (straight teeth are easier to clean).

Visit a Center City Orthodontist for Teen Braces or Adult Braces

Drs. Roberts & de Marsche have created a caring, highly rated, orthodontic practice. We offer quiet and comfortable offices, reception areas with separate game rooms for children, and private, spacious treatment rooms with modern equipment.

Schedule your consultation for your braces or your child’s braces. We are open Monday through Friday with some Saturday hours. We are located on the conveniently located Medical Arts Building in Center City. Contact us today to make your appointment.