9 Reasons Center City Invisalign Patients Love Invisalign

center city invisalignCenter City Invisalign braces have revolutionized orthodontia and made the reality of straight teeth possible for so many people. Adolescence isn’t the only window for getting an aligned smile. Invisalign, provided by the right Philadelphia orthodontist, is just right for adults of any age.

Here are just nine reasons Center City Invisalign patients love Invisalign.

  1. The aligners are practically invisible.

The biggest concern people have about braces is what they will look like. Invisalign aligners are practically invisible and won’t interfere with your job, social life, or personal life. The super-thin, clear aligners blend into your teeth so you can wear them for every occasion, special event, first date, job interview, and even your wedding day.

  1. Eat whatever you want.

The only thing you can eat or drink while Invisalign is in your mouth is water. Any other beverages could stain the aligners and foods could break them. However, you don’t have to give up popcorn or chewy foods or pizza crust when you wear Invisalign. There are no food restrictions at all because Invisalign must be removed for every meal. Satisfy your appetite, then get back to the business of straightening your teeth.

  1. No one will call you “brace face” or “metal mouth.”

When you want straight teeth, traditional metal brackets and wires get the job done, but they’re also hard to ignore. Any wearer of Invisalign will enjoy the pleasure of orthodontia that goes unnoticed. And there are plenty of adolescents who can enjoy the convenience and “anonymity” of Invisalign Teen.

  1. Even your teeth can be fixed.

Almost every alignment issue that can be corrected with traditional metal braces can also be corrected with Invisalign. The severity of your alignment problem will determine whether Invisalign works for you but, in many cases, Invisalign can repair overcrowded teeth, overbites, underbites, open bites, and gapped teeth.

  1. Efficiency.

Invisalign takes about one year to complete, on average, which is about half the time it takes to run a full course of metal braces. This time frame can vary based on each patient’s unique case. Less time wearing braces should make any orthodontic patient happy.

  1. You’ll break your bad habits.

Do you drink cup after cup of coffee, or gnaw on your pencil all day? You can’t do these things while Invisalign is on your teeth without ruining your aligners and treatment plan. Your vices can become habits of old, and your mouth will be healthier for it (no stains, no broken teeth).

  1. You might lose weight.

If you are in the bad habit of snacking or sipping soda all day long, you’ll have to curb your cravings. Because you must wear Invisalign for 20 to 22 hours a day, you won’t want to unnecessarily remove the aligners for a tiny and ultimately unsatisfying snack. Not only will you have straight teeth but cutting back on the extra calories can slim your waistline.

  1. Your teeth will be healthier.

Teeth that are straight are simply easier to clean. Plus, you’ll reinforce good oral health habits by making sure your teeth are clean while wearing Invisalign – allowing any plaque or bacteria to get trapped between tooth enamel and aligners is a recipe for decay.

  1. Your confidence will skyrocket.

Having gorgeous, straight teeth will make you feel more confident and happier. Believe in yourself and the power of your smile. Make a consultation at Roberts & de Marsche, the orthodontic practice serving the Philadelphia and Lawrenceville areas. Our doctors have treated over 2,000 Center City Invisalign cases, and you might be a candidate too.