No Tricks, Only Treats When You Wear Invisalign Braces

Invisalign center city halloweenBraces and Halloween candy do not mesh well. Invisalign and sweet treats, however, can easily enjoy each other’s company. There are still rules to follow when it comes to exposing your teeth to candy, especially for anyone undergoing orthodontic treatment, but you can rest easy knowing you’re far less likely to toe the line of tooth decay when you wear Invisalign braces.

Here are just some of the reasons Invisalign-wearers enjoy All Hallows’ Eve:

You can eat whatever candy you like.

Wearers of conventional youth braces or adult braces are advised to avoid hard candy and sticky candy which cling to tooth enamel and can damage teeth or existing dental work. Invisalign-wearers are not banned from indulging in any sweet treats thanks to removable invisible aligners. There are no food restrictions, sweet or otherwise. However, it’s still critical to be careful with your candy choices.

Whatever Halloween candy you eat, thoroughly brush and floss your teeth before putting your Invisalign aligners back in your mouth. You don’t want to capture food particles, bacteria or, most of all, sugar in between your teeth and your aligners. That’s a sure route to tooth decay.

You’re less likely to overindulge.

The Halloween candy haul is satisfying, but you’re not getting any candies at this time of year that you can’t get any other time of year. While it’s tempting to go crazy and eat whatever is within reach to satisfy your sweet tooth and celebrate the holiday, Invisalign will help you think twice.

There’s a reason some people lose weight on Invisalign – you are far more likely to consider whether a food is worth the effort of removing your aligners before you dig in. Snacking is kept to a minimum, and so is your likelihood of mindlessly munching on Halloween candy.

You will have excellent Halloween photo memories.

Want the perfect spooky selfie? Invisalign won’t get in the way. You can bare your teeth in all sorts of ways whether in or out of costume without Invisalign being the focal point. In fact, if you’ve been photo-averse up to this point because you’ve been embarrassed by your crooked teeth, Invisalign will make you proud to break out a big grin.

Your Halloween costume will be on point.

No matter what you’re suiting up for this Halloween, Invisalign will not interrupt the fun (unless, of course, a critical part of your costume is fangs). You can smile, scowl, scream, or scare all you like and no one will ever know that you’re straightening your teeth at the same time.

This reality is true all the way through your Invisalign treatment. Far too often, adults balk at the idea of finally straightening their teeth because they don’t want their orthodontic treatment to be obvious to friends and coworkers. Teens resist braces because they’re embarrassed enough by adolescence. You don’t have to be the person wearing a brace face.

Whatever your misalignment problem, there is good chance you qualify for Invisalign. Your Center City Invisalign provider will tell you for certain. Schedule a consultation at Roberts & de Marsche, the orthodontic practice serving Center City, Philadelphia and Lawrenceville, NJ, to learn more about Invisalign.