Shalonda R.

I’m so glad I went with Dr. Roberts! We’re finishing up my adult treatment and I am very happy with my smile. Dr. Roberts is skilled, personable, and truly cares about making sure his patients leave with nothing less than a stellar smile! As a patient, it can be really difficult choosing the right orthodontist for you when you don’t know anything about orthodontics (like me). I consulted with several doctors, read their online reviews, and looked at photos of their work, but in the end I still didn’t feel confident that I could choose the best treatment plan for me (was given vastly different treatments). I chose Dr. Roberts because I liked his work and because I felt very comfortable with him (and his staff) during my consultation. He explained my proposed plan to me and he and his staff didn’t mind answering my millions of questions when I called back later after doing more research. About a year after I started my treatment, I moved cross-country. This drastically slowed down my treatment because I couldn’t schedule regular appointments. Earlier this year when I went back out West after the holidays, I bit into something really hard and caused damage to my braces. It was an easy fix, but I couldn’t make it back for another six months. By the time I saw Dr. Roberts again, the problem was much worse than it would have been if I had just seen him soon after it happened. This added about half a year’s visits (with regular appointments) to my treatment. It was no problem at all and Dr. Roberts is taking care of it. I can’t imagine how much extra work he has had to put into my braces because of my insanely irregular visits. I’ll bet we could’ve ended my treatment sooner if he wanted (I’ve been seeing him for 3+ years), but Dr. Roberts won’t get these things off me until he’s sure I have my best smile. I don’t know if other doctors would have been as pleasantly accommodating as he’s been! (I’d even left some of my consultations feeling rushed and inconvenient.) His office is friendly, clean, and there’s always good music playing (and a movie for kids in the waiting area). Would recommend!