5 Reasons Invisalign Braces Are a Good Fit for Adults

invisalign braces good for adults center city orthodontistSome adults surprise themselves by realizing they’re thinking about getting braces long past adolescence. Wisdom does come with age, after all, and plenty of grown-ups reach a point where they are ready to finally invest in themselves, their appearance, and their oral health. Invisalign braces for adults are a worthwhile venture for so many reasons.

1. You understand the value of Invisalign braces.

When you’re a teen who’s getting braces because your parents and orthodontist tell you to, it can be a resentful moment. You don’t want a brace-face or metal mouth or the restrictions that come with braces.

As a result, some adults find themselves lamenting their once lazy attitude about braces and retainer-wear during adolescence – and now find themselves faced with a need for braces all over again. Now, you understand the investment and what it means to work hard to have beautiful teeth – after all, you’re footing the bill this time.

2. You’re willing to put in the work.

Braces are a commitment – especially when you wear Invisalign and are in almost total control of your treatment. Adults are used to responsibilities, and if you want your investment orthodontic endeavor to truly succeed, you’re willing to put in the time and effort to do it right.

That means wearing Invisalign 20 to 22 hours a day, taking the aligners out to eat, cleaning the aligners as indicated, and seeing your Center City Invisalign provider every six weeks or so to pick up your new aligners and have your progress reviewed.

3. You know how much a good smile will help your career.

An attractive smile can be the difference between a job offer and a handshake goodbye, a sale or someone who walks away, a new client or a lost client. A straight, beautiful smile boosts your confidence so you’re not always trying to hide your misaligned teeth. You’ll feel good about smiling, speaking, and showing who you really are when you have straight teeth. And others will enjoy looking at your smile too.

Plus, wearing Invisalign braces means you’re straightening your teeth discreetly. No one will see the aligners while you’re wearing them, but your teeth will steadily improve.

4. You’re ready to fix what’s not right.

If you have long been a teeth-grinder and clencher, you may have finally come to the truth that your jaw is misaligned. You want the pain to go away, the popping and clicking, the morning headaches or middle-of-the-night migraines. Putting your teeth and jaw into alignment with adult braces corrects TMJ problems and gives you a beautiful smile and eliminates the pain and discomfort.

5. You want healthy teeth.

Have you been struggling with tooth decay? Even if you’re diligent about brushing and flossing and seeing your dentist, having crooked teeth makes you more likely to develop cavities. It’s tough to clean in certain areas and tight spots, but when teeth are straight, cleaning is a breeze. You can reach every nook and cranny and truly diminish the likelihood of cavities.

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