Can Invisalign Braces Fix Your TMJ Problem?

grinding teeth invisalign braces center cityA tight jaw. Tension headaches. Sore teeth. A clicking or popping jaw. If you wake up with these conditions, there’s a good possibility you are clenching and grinding your teeth while sleeping, which means you’re suffering from a TMJ disorder. This problem can be incredibly painful and will not correct on its own, but Invisalign braces can be your solution.

The Problem with a TMJ Problem

A TMJ problem is painful, but this condition – also known as sleep bruxism – has other negative side effects for your overall oral health including cracked teeth, enamel erosion, gum recession, and damaged dental work.

For some people, teeth grinding happens periodically, often during times of stress. For others, adults especially, a TMJ problem is a chronic condition that requires intervention to relieve and correct. There are a few solutions to intervene with teeth grinding, but the most common recommendations are a night guard or braces.

Some full-coverage night guards protect your teeth from doing any damage while you’re grinding away. Other appliances stop the clenching behavior by relaxing the muscles responsible for the unconscious clenching. The molars don’t touch, and you can potentially retrain your mouth and jaw to stop the grinding and clenching actions.

One of the most common causes of TMJ disorder, however, is jaw misalignment. The most logical and effective solution to correct this problem is braces. Through Invisalign, the lower jaw and upper jaw are properly repositioned to align your smile, making it not only look better but eliminate pain and discomfort.

Why Invisalign Braces Eliminate TMJ Problems

Invisalign braces are worn 20 to 22 hours a day – that means you wear the aligners while you sleep. The appliances automatically serve as a barrier between your upper and lower jaws during the night, preventing teeth from scraping against each other and minimizing pain and joint damage.

Over time, the grinding will subside, not because of the presence of the aligners, but because Invisalign is straightening out your bite so it is healthy and in alignment. You’ll notice that face and neck pain will diminish too. The aligners help reprogram the muscles that are responsible for teeth grinding, relieving the symptoms of the TMJ disorder.

When teeth are in alignment, the temporomandibular joint opens and closes freely without pain or inflammation. When teeth are crooked, the joint does not work properly, which can lead to soreness and irritation. Invisalign braces remove the strain and give you beautiful, straight teeth at the same time.

Get Rid of Your TMJ Problem with Center City Invisalign

The best chance of eliminating TMJ problems is to choose the right solution for your condition. For many people, this is Invisalign. Certified Invisalign providers Dr. Roberts and Dr. de Marsche have treated thousands of patients successfully, giving them straight, comfortable smiles. Find out what kind of orthodontic treatment is right for your grinding and clenching. Make an appointment at our Center City, Philadelphia or Lawrenceville, NJ, office.