5 Things to Expect When You Get Your Center City Braces Off

what it feels like after your center city braces are off roberts & de marscheWearers of conventional metal or ceramic braces spend many months and sometimes years living with brackets and wires on their teeth. When it comes time to remove the braces, you might be surprised what you discover about your teeth and oral health.

1. There will be an adjustment period.

Just as there is an adjustment period when braces are first applied to your teeth, the same feeling will occur when braces are removed. It’s easy to forget what it feels like to have teeth that are completely free of hardware. You’ll get used to this freedom quite quickly.

You’ll also be adjusting to your retainer, which must be worn as instructed to keep your newly aligned teeth in place. You may feel some discomfort while getting used to this appliance and it may be tight every night when you put it in place – your teeth are still newly straightened and need all the support they can get to stay where they belong.

2. You’ll look different.

Your teeth will be straight when orthodontic treatment is complete, but that’s not the only change. Your entire appearance will be affected by your newly aligned teeth, especially for teens whose appearance changes quickly – they’ll look older and a straight smile will be part of that picture.

3. Eating might feel weird.

It might feel a little strange at first to chomp down on an apple or dig into some of your favorite junk foods. You’ve been on a restricted diet for so long (unless you underwent Invisalign treatment), you may still find yourself saying no to foods like popcorn or reaching for the knife to cut up your pizza crust. Now you can bite into every food with enthusiasm!

4. Cleaning your teeth thoroughly is still important.

All these opportunities to enjoy chewy and sticky foods again comes with responsibility to clean your teeth thoroughly. You no longer use special tools to clean in and around your braces, but it’s essential that you be diligent about taking care of your teeth. In fact, flossing and brushing will be better than ever because straight teeth are easier to clean.

5. Your teeth might be discolored.

Even if you were incredibly diligent about cleaning your teeth while your braces were in place, it’s easy to miss spots and wind up with slightly stained or marked teeth when orthodontic treatment is complete. You may also have some white spots, known as calcification. Your orthodontist will have suggestions about how to get your teeth back to a uniform, natural color so your smile really is complete.

The Future Is Bright and Full of Smiles

Any inconvenience or unexpected feeling you may have after your braces are removed is temporary and a means to an end. You have straight teeth now! They’re beautiful, healthy, and strong, and they will set you up for a lifetime of good oral health.

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