6 Ways to Enjoy Halloween with Braces

halloween braces center city orthodontists roberts and de marscheBraces do not have to ruin your fun on Halloween. They simply force you to think more carefully before you indulge in whatever sweets are in the candy basket. Here are 10 important rules to follow so you don’t damage your orthodontics – or your teeth – celebrating October 31.

1. Say no to sticky and chewy candy.

Gummy worms and taffy are tempting treats, but they’re some of the worst things for your braces. In general, chewy and hard candies are a threat to good oral health, but add in brackets and wires and you’re sure to end up with more pain than pleasure. It’s simply not worth digging into one of these sweets only to have it tug at your hardware and cost you a trip to the orthodontist for emergency repairs.

2. Indulge in one sitting.

Candy in all its forms delivers a sugar bath to your teeth. While it may feel excessive to eat multiple pieces of Halloween candy in one sitting, it’s actually better for your oral health to fill your belly in one swoop. Picking at a few pieces here and there throughout the day without brushing and flossing in between exposes your teeth to an ongoing wash of bacteria and sugar.

Enjoy one sugar influx, one thorough cleaning, and one stomachache that will perhaps encourage you to take it easy on the sugar from here on out, Halloween or no Halloween.

3. Eat chocolate.

Make chocolate your candy of choice on Halloween. Sure, it’s sugary, but it’s also the easiest on your teeth. Chocolate doesn’t stick to your tooth enamel like other candies can, and it won’t damage your braces. Soft chocolate like solid chocolate candy bars or peanut butter cups will satisfy that Halloween candy itch – just make sure you’re not digging into a candy bar packed with nuts or caramel.

4. Brush up.

When Halloween night ends, try not to conk out from your sugar rush without tending to your teeth. Do an extra thorough brushing and flossing of your braces and teeth so they’re free from all the sweets you had all night.

If you wear Invisalign, don’t connect aligners and teeth again until you’ve cleaned them both well. The last thing you want is to enjoy the pleasure of being able to eat whatever candy you like thanks to removable braces and then end up with tooth decay because you didn’t take a minute to do a proper brushing and flossing.

5. Choose a clever costume.

Ready to make your braces part of your ensemble rather than trying to conceal them? Dress as a dentist for Halloween and hand out toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, and dental picks to friends and trick or treaters. They’ll get enough candy from everyone else, and your get-up will be a nice reminder that you can have fun, even when you’re wearing braces.

6. Survive the season.

We know that Halloween isn’t just one night – that candy is everywhere before the holiday and long after. Maintain control and control your indulgences so you are kind to your teeth and braces. You don’t want one sweet month to derail your orthodontic progress.

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