4 Food and Drink Rules for Invisalign-Wearers

eating drinking wearing invisalign center city invisalign providersIt’s a hard and fast rule of Invisalign: You can enjoy all the foods and drinks you love the most with no restrictions, but aligners must be removed for all meals and snacks. This order sounds simple enough, but there are some braces-oriented instructions about eating and drinking that Invisalign-wearers still need to observe.

1. Pare down your all-day beverage.

Some people rely on sips of their favorite beverages to keep them caffeinated throughout the day or keep them full so they won’t snack too much. Unfortunately, this all-day-long habit must be broken if you’re going to wear Invisalign. The only beverage you’re allowed to drink while the aligners are in place is water.

You can still enjoy your a.m. coffee, but you won’t be able to linger over it. Invisalign must be worn 20 to 22 hours a day, so the last thing you want to do is waste some of those two to four hours of no-wear time on a measly cup of coffee. Break this only-water drinking rule and your nearly invisible aligners will become stained and visible in no time.

2. Schedule your snacks and meals.

Maintaining 20 to 22 hours of wear time every day is a hard and fast rule of Invisalign. If you want your orthodontic treatment to be effective, you simply must abide by this clear and unbendable instruction. So, if you’re a foodie who enjoys a few snacks a day or a leisurely meal, you’re going to want to think about your daily calendar and how much time you are willing to budget for every meal.

If you’re a serial snacker, Invisalign demands that you be more mindful of your eating choices. You’ll naturally start to fall in line though, asking yourself if it’s worth removing your aligners to eat something. You may even see results around your waistline from making more careful choices, and that will make you love Invisalign even more.

3. Brush and floss often.

You probably brush once in the morning and brush and floss before bed (at least let’s hope you’re doing that minimum). Invisalign, however, requires that you clean your teeth more often than twice a day. Your aligners should always be sitting on clean teeth, so after every meal or snack you’ll want to brush up – at the very least, thoroughly rinse your mouth with water if a toothbrush isn’t handy. You want your aligners and your teeth to both be as clean as possible before they come together so your aligners stay clear and fresh and you don’t trap food particles or bacteria close to your tooth enamel.

4. Don’t eat with your aligners in.

Not eating with your aligners in is a top rule of Invisalign, but you can be easily tempted to break this instruction for just one tiny bite of something. Resist the urge to indulge without removing your aligners first! Your teeth are strong and chewing action is even stronger. The force of your teeth on your aligners and food can damage or crack Invisalign. Plus, imagine that food squeezing into your aligners and getting stuck. Ew. Don’t take any chances.

If you’re ready to take on the responsibility of Invisalign, make an appointment with orthodontists Dr. Roberts and Dr. de Marsche, Center City Invisalign providers, to find out if you’re a good candidate for this revolutionary orthodontic treatment.