7 Fast Facts About Invisalign Attachments

Invisalign attachments roberts and de marsche center city orthodontist

Nearly every Invisalign patient has attachments on their teeth. These small “dots” are bonded to your tooth enamel for one very specific purpose – to anchor your trays in place so teeth can be shifted as effectively as possible. If you understand the purpose of these little shapes, you will appreciate their critical function during Invisalign treatment.

1. Attachments blend in.

Because they are made of either composite resin or dental bonding, attachments are tooth-colored and blend in with the rest of your smile. The dots don’t draw much attention to themselves – but they aren’t invisible. When your aligners are out, the shapes will be noticeable. When the trays are in, there will be subtle bumps caused by the presence of the attachments.

2. Shapes will vary.

Attachments can be shaped like circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and more. The decision to use certain formations isn’t arbitrary – each unique design has a purpose for moving teeth more efficiently and effectively. Your Center City Invisalign provider will make these choices thoughtfully.

3. Location matters.

The placement of an attachment is strategically considered. Often located near the center of the tooth, the final placement depends on how and where a tooth needs to move, especially if your dentist is trying to rotate a tooth. An attachment could be toward the top, near the cusp, or smack dab in the middle.

4. Not every tooth needs an attachment.

Your Center City Invisalign provider will place attachments on teeth where they will be most effective. It will be determined at the start of treatment whether you require attachments (some patients have up to 20, some have far less) to do the important work of anchoring the trays and forcing tooth root and crown into position. Just as not every Invisalign patient needs attachments, not every tooth requires them either if you do need some. Customized treatment from start to finish.

5. They are not permanent.

Have no fear, the attachments will not permanently live on your teeth. Once treatment is complete and they have served their purpose, the attachments will be popped off and any residue will be buffed away to make your teeth smooth. Both adolescent and adult Invisalign patients appreciate this element.

6. You might be annoyed by them.

No Invisalign provider will ever try to sugarcoat the Invisalign experience. Ultimately, the treatment is designed to move teeth – and that takes work and a little discomfort. Some parts of the process will be frustrating – attachments fall into that category. Aligners must be clicked into place specifically onto the attachments so the trays fit perfectly. And when the trays are out of your mouth, the attachments may be irritating. They must also be cleaned carefully so they don’t collect food or bacteria or become discolored.

7. They are worth the trouble.

Some people might want straight teeth but have shied away from the thought of traditional braces, the method that they have been told is the only thing that can align their smile. Along comes Invisalign and its handy attachments – these little dots make straight teeth possible for so many more people.

Is Invisalign Right for You?

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