Adult Braces: Choose Conventional or Go for Invisalign?

adult braces Invisalign Center CityConventional metal braces are reserved for teenagers, right? Untrue. Adult braces come in all shapes and sizes. Determining what orthodontic method is right for you requires asking yourself (and your Center City orthodontist) some important questions and being honest about the answers.

Are you concerned about how you will look wearing braces?

Appearance is understandably a top concern for anyone seeking adult braces. You don’t want to have a metal mouth or draw attention to yourself in negative ways. Pursuing a straight smile, though, can do amazing things for your self-esteem, career, and personal life.

Invisalign gives you the perk of sporting nearly invisible braces, as well as the freedom to continue to eat what you want without worrying about things damaging or getting stuck in wires and brackets. If you’re not a good candidate for Invisalign, there are ceramic braces which are discreet, and lingual braces which can be placed behind the teeth.

Do you want your orthodontic treatment to be done quickly?

Of course, no one wants to wear braces any longer than necessary. Invisalign can sometimes cut the conventional braces treatment in half. However, the more complicated cases of tooth alignment may require the power of traditional metal braces.

Ultimately, braces may take a year or two to complete, but straight teeth will give you a lifetime of happiness. Your oral health will be better. You’ll be happier because you’ll be smiling more. Your mouth will not hurt and your bite will not be off. Sometimes, the good things are worth waiting for.

Do you want the adult braces that save you from having to wear a retainer?

No matter what type of braces you get, wearing a retainer at the end of treatment is a necessary. Even if you choose Invisalign, there will be retainers after your treatment has concluded. After all, your teeth and their roots have been significantly shifted in your mouth. Retainers keep teeth where they belong. And after you’ve invested time and resources in a straight smile, you should want to wear retainers to maintain the alignment.

Do you think you’re too old for braces?

No one is ever too old to consider the best options for aligning their smile. For some people, adult braces will be the best solution. For other people, porcelain veneers might better serve their needs. Invisalign could get the job done. You’ll never know whether braces are right for you until you ask.

At Roberts & De Marsche, the orthodontic practice and Invisalign provider that serves Center City, Philadelphia and Lawrenceville, NJ, you will learn be evaluated to determine whether adult braces are right for you. Not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign. And not everyone is right for braces. The most important thing is to find out for certain. Schedule your adult braces consultation and discover what’s right for you.