Braces for Kids: Signs Your Child Needs Early Orthodontics

Braces before all the baby teeth have fallen out? It might sound crazy, but it’s not. In fact, it’s common for many elementary-aged children to undergo early orthodontic treatment. A visit to your Center City orthodontist will let you know for sure whether braces for kids are in your child’s future, but you can start determining where you stand by considering the below.

Your Child’s Teeth Stick Out

A noticeable overbite is cute when a child is little, but while those tiny front teeth poking out are adorable then they’re not so great once kids reach school age. They may feel self-conscious, suffer damage to their teeth while playing sports, or bite their lip a lot, especially while eating. The more teeth that stick out from your child’s mouth, the more their body says: Go to the Center City orthodontist, stat.

Your Child’s Teeth Are Extremely Crowded

If your kid looks like they have more teeth than room in their mouth, that’s a major red flag. If the adult tooth that pushes out their baby tooth isn’t coming in at a reasonable rate or doesn’t appear at all, that’s another sign that the crowding under the gumline is a serious problem. If these visual cues aren’t convincing enough, keep in mind that a child who bites their tongue frequently has teeth that are growing in the wrong places.

Your Child Sucks Their Thumb

Thumb sucking is a comfort measure for babies and toddlers, but if this habit hangs on much past the age of 2 or 3, and especially if it’s still around once adult teeth have erupted, it can push the front teeth outward. A child who has long been attached to a pacifier can suffer the same consequences.

Your Child Has an Underbite

An underbite can develop in your child because of DNA, but it can also be caused by thumb sucking, tongue thrusting against the teeth, or using a pacifier for too long. Allowing this problem to grow and stay well into the teenage years can lead to serious difficulty in correcting the misalignment. Adjusting a still-growing jaw in childhood allows for easier corrections and helps teeth erupt in their proper places.

Get Braces for Kids as Early as Age 7

Braces for kids are an amazing way to set your child up for success in life and simplify their teen years. When they’re in elementary school, they have not lost all their baby teeth yet and their jaw has not yet solidified into its permanent position. Early orthodontic treatment for kids between ages 7 and 10 helps your child’s face find its symmetry, plus, early braces mean less need for intense orthodontic care in adolescence.

If you have concerns about your child’s alignment or the positioning of their baby teeth or newly erupted adult teeth, schedule a consultation with Roberts & de Marsche in Center City. Early orthodontics like an expander or upper braces help prevent misalignment from interfering with appearance, eating, or speech and give your child a confidence boost as they grow. Find out if braces for kids can help your child.