Summer and Braces: A Perfect Pair

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Everyone wants to wrap up school, sports seasons, and big job projects at the start of summer. This, after all, is the time of year to finally take a rest and enjoy the things you love. There is certainly room in summer to do something for yourself that will serve you well permanently – get braces. Adults and teens alike can make the most of starting their conventional metal braces or clear Invisalign treatment in summer.

Adult Braces in the Summertime

Adults have plenty going on, but even the busiest adult finds time to kick back and relax in the summer months. And that means it’s a great time to invite braces like Invisalign for adults into your world. You may have plenty of leisure activities booked for your June, July, and August, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work orthodontics into the equation. Here’s why:

  • No one will know you’re wearing Invisalign. Attend every party, festival, parade, and cookout with a discreet alignment method adorning your teeth.
  • Easily remove aligners before eating or drinking – no restrictions from your favorite foods.
  • A braces cleaning kit in your bag or pocket makes it easy to brush your teeth before you put the trays back in place after eating.

Start Teen Braces When School Lets Out

Teens who need braces will be in school with their aligners or braces at some point – there is no avoiding this reality. But they don’t have to be in school when the process gets going. Adolescents who start orthodontics in the summer really luck out because they can:

  • Adjust to what it feels like to wear braces on their teeth.
  • Master brushing around brackets and wires, even when you must do it quickly.
  • Get used to your appearance with hardware on your teeth or trays in your mouth.
  • Establish your social media presence with an all-braces channel (optional, of course).

Getting Used to Braces in Summer

No matter what age you are when you get braces, getting them in the summer is an easy decision:

  • You have more free time to see your orthodontist.
  • You can reserve a few days for getting used to wearing braces and making them fit into your life.
  • Cold and soothing ice creams and frozen treats are always at the ready.
  • You’ll have the braces lifestyle mastered by the time summer is over and your braces will simply be part of who you are.

Get Braces That Are Right for You from Your Center City Orthodontist

Whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign or conventional braces, summer is a great time to get started on your orthodontic journey. Find out what’s right for you or your teen – schedule a consultation with your Center City orthodontists, Drs. Roberts & de Marsche. By the time fall rolls around, your smile will already be that much straighter you’ll be thankful you started your braces when you did.