5 Reasons to Make Invisalign Your New Year’s Resolution

invisalign new year's resolution center city orthodontistsWant to do something different with your New Year’s Resolution this year? Tired of the same old, same old resolutions that don’t last more than a month and then leave you feeling disappointed in yourself? Committing to Invisalign will ensure that you have amazing results at the end of all your hard work, and you might even enjoy some unexpected perks along the way.

1. The aligners are discreet.

The number one reason Invisalign remains a popular treatment, especially for adults, is because it’s difficult to see on a person’s teeth. You can straighten your smile under the radar with snug-fitting, clear aligners. No one will ever know that you’re wearing them unless you point them out. Who doesn’t love braces like that?

2. The trays are comfortable.

Invisalign straightens tooth roots and crowns, so that means movement, and it follows that some discomfort can be expected at the start of wearing each new set of aligners. All braces work this way – however, Invisalign is less uncomfortable than any other type of orthodontics because of how the aligners are made. Smooth and sleek, there are no brackets and wires to poke into your gums, lips, or cheeks.

3. You might lose weight.

No one chooses Invisalign as a weight loss treatment. However, because you aren’t allowed to wear the aligners when you’re eating or drinking anything so you don’t risk breaking or staining them, and because you will carefully choose your times to remove Invisalign, you may find yourself losing a few pounds as a result of making more deliberate food choices. If losing weight was on your short list for New Year’s resolutions, Invisalign can help you knock that one off too!

4. There are no food restrictions.

Ask any wearer of conventional braces what their biggest pet peeve is about their orthodontics and chances are they’ll say this: I can’t eat what I want. There are food restrictions for wearers of brackets and wires. You must avoid the chewy, crunchy stuff that could pull on or damage the hardware. Not so for people who wear Invisalign. Aligners are removed for every meal and snack, so you can continue to eat whatever you like – just remember to brush your teeth and aligners before joining them back together so there is no opportunity for bacteria or food particles to grow into decay.

5. You’ll get results.

By this time next year, your smile will be straighter – depending on how much your teeth need to move and how in-depth your treatment is, your course of Invisalign might even be complete before 2021 is over. While Invisalign Full is a complete mouth alignment method, there are also Invisalign Lite and Invisalign Express which consist of shorter treatment time and require the wearing of fewer aligners. As long as you wear your retainers as indicated after Invisalign is complete, your smile will stay straight and beautiful.

Resolve to give yourself a straight, beautiful, healthy, strong smile in the New Year. Contact your Center City orthodontist and Invisalign providers, Dr. Roberts or Dr. de Marsche, to schedule an appointment and find out whether Invisalign is right for you.