Some Braces for Kids Start with Orthodontic Expanders

Known as early orthodontics or interceptive orthodontics, expanders make it possible to open a child’s mouth and allow for the proper eruption of crowded adult teeth. Young children are the best candidates for these braces for kids and going through this brief but intense treatment makes all the difference in later orthodontics and oral health.

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Braces for Kids: Signs Your Child Needs Early Orthodontics

Braces before all the baby teeth have fallen out? It might sound crazy, but it’s not. In fact, it’s common for many elementary-aged children to undergo early orthodontic treatment. A visit to your Center City orthodontist will let you know for sure whether braces for kids are in your child’s future, but you can start determining where you stand by considering the below.

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Help Your Teen Manage Their Braces in School

braces in school roberts and de marsche

School is back in session, routines are getting established, everyone is tired and not yet fully adjusted to their new schedule. There may be some other bumps too – like your child easily managing their braces while dealing with classes, extracurricular activities, sports, and more. You can’t be beside them every day to help them live life, but if your teen is struggling with their braces in school, you can help them find a happy place with a few strategic efforts.

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What You Need to Know About Losing Baby Teeth and Getting Youth Braces

losing baby teeth getting youth braces center city orthodontistLosing the first baby tooth is an exciting milestone, and it is often accompanied by the thought, “Is my child going to need braces?” It may be too soon to tell whether your child will have crooked teeth or a bad bite – they still have so much growing to do – but when and how your child loses their baby teeth, and how their adult teeth erupt, can say a lot about what’s to come for their orthodontic future.Read more

The Best and Worst Halloween Candies for Braces

worst halloween candy for braces center cityTeens and kids with braces have a love-hate relationship with Halloween. The abundance of sweets is a dream come true, but candy restrictions are not so wonderful. Protecting your teeth from too much sugar is important whether you wear braces or not, but it’s especially critical to tread carefully where Halloween candy is concerned when your child has braces (or you!).Read more