Why Invisalign Wearers Feel So Lucky

Orthodontic patients who wear Invisalign already feel like they’ve won the lottery because they’ve been deemed a good candidate for this innovative orthodontic alternative. Working with an experienced Center City orthodontist makes it even more satisfying to invest in this treatment. The lucky ones will end up with gorgeous, healthy, straight smiles, but there are plenty of reasons Invisalign wearers feel lucky along the way.

They made it through the first trays.

When Invisalign treatment begins, everything is new: what you look like, how the trays feel on your teeth, the pressure of the trays, your shifting teeth. Invisalign wearers who get through the first two weeks of treatment can celebrate, because they have experienced the “worst” of the situation – they’ve adjusted to life as an Invisalign wearer, and that is a big deal. Everything will be easier from here on out.

They can eat whatever they want.

Wearers of conventional metal braces have eating restrictions because there are plenty of foods that can tear or pull at brackets and wires. Invisalign wearers? No such rules. The only thing that might prevent you from chomping into a crunchy carrot or a chewy piece of steak is sensitivity in your teeth as they shift in your mouth. But your favorite foods are never off-limits during treatment. Aren’t you lucky?

The treatment really is discreet.

There are all these promises that no one will notice your Invisalign trays and it’s a discreet method of straightening your teeth. Some people don’t believe this until they’re finally in the midst of treatment – then they realize it’s true. Sure, if you get up close and poke around near your mouth, someone will see those clear trays, but in general, no one will notice that you’ve got aligners on your teeth. Invisalign doesn’t interfere with your speaking, your smiles, or your lifestyle.

There are no interruptions.

If you have a special event coming up, you can confidently wear Invisalign without anyone being the wiser. Or, your orthodontist may green-light a different method for this occasion and tell you it’s okay to leave the trays out for a few hours. Typically, you wear Invisalign 20 to 22 hours a day, removing the trays only for meals and cleaning. But you have plenty of freedom to do what you need to do and when.

They have a new smile in no time.

The typical course of Invisalign treatment takes about a year to complete. However, some patients need significantly less time than that to align their smile, especially if they’re just fixing a few crooked teeth or some gaps or a relapse from previous orthodontic treatment. A year of treatment is half the time it takes to straighten smiles with metal braces. Having the option to move tooth roots and crowns simultaneously is a lucky one indeed.

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