Make This the Summer of Invisalign

There is never a bad time to get Invisalign, but summer is an especially auspicious starting point for this incredible teeth-straightening method. If you or your child have already qualified for Invisalign or Invisalign Teen after a thorough dental exam and digital images, now it’s time to decide when you want to begin. Find out why summertime is so perfect for perfecting your smile.

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Change Your Life with Adult Braces

Many people mistakenly believe there is only one window of time available to get orthodontics – the teen years. But this isn’t true. Life is long. If you want your smile to be as healthy as possible for the present and future, it’s time to talk to an orthodontist about adult braces. Available in various forms, braces or aligners are life-altering in an amazing way without interrupting your daily life.

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5 Reasons Invisalign Braces Are a Good Fit for Adults

invisalign braces good for adults center city orthodontistSome adults surprise themselves by realizing they’re thinking about getting braces long past adolescence. Wisdom does come with age, after all, and plenty of grown-ups reach a point where they are ready to finally invest in themselves, their appearance, and their oral health. Invisalign braces for adults are a worthwhile venture for so many reasons.Read more