6 Ways to Ease Orthodontic Anxiety

orthodontic anxiety roberts & de marsche

Going to the orthodontist for braces or Invisalign can be stressful for some people. They can’t see what’s going on while the orthodontist or orthodontic assistant is at work, or they are worried about mouth pain during or after the appointment. You are not alone in your orthodontic anxiety, but there are plenty of viable ways to cope. Most methods for managing orthodontic anxiety are simple, which is great because that makes them easy to remember in times of stress.

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Some Braces for Kids Start with Orthodontic Expanders

Known as early orthodontics or interceptive orthodontics, expanders make it possible to open a child’s mouth and allow for the proper eruption of crowded adult teeth. Young children are the best candidates for these braces for kids and going through this brief but intense treatment makes all the difference in later orthodontics and oral health.

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4 Ways to Show Your Orthodontics Some Love

show orthodontics love roberts and de marsche center city orthodontistsYour Center City orthodontist understands – you may be one of the patients who isn’t in love with their braces. Nevertheless, it’s still important to take care of those braces. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s a good time to for some reminders about the best ways to maintain your braces and oral health when you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.Read more

Elect the Right Orthodontics for Your Smile

elect the right orthodontics philadelphia orthodontistElection season is here, and while you may not be able to control the big stuff, you do have the final say over what happens if there are different types of orthodontic treatments in the running to address your oral health. If you need braces, it’s comforting to know that there are many types of effective treatments, and you may qualify for several of them. If you have a decision to make, do your research, understand each platform, and cast your vote for the braces that will serve you best.  Read more

What Do Braces Feel Like?

what do braces feel like center city orthodontistsAll braces take some getting used to. The good news: While they may feel odd at first, you’ll get used to your braces over time. Plus, for a minor annoyance, you’ll end up with a gorgeous, straight smile when you’re done with your orthodontic treatment.Read more