Make It a Happy Holiday with Braces or Invisalign

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When you wear braces and Invisalign, you know the rules. When the holidays roll around, however, it’s easy to get distracted and maybe even a little lazy. It’s understandable. You just want to relax and enjoy the season, whatever you celebrate. Unfortunately, taking your eyes off the prize – a straight, healthy smile – can lead to disaster. So, whether you wear conventional braces or Invisalign, here are some reminders to get you through the holiday season.

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5 Reasons to Give Thanks for Braces

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Teens may consider orthodontics a punishment or something their parents force them to do, though there are just as many adolescents who embrace the milestone. Adults with braces have willingly sought out this choice for themselves and they are thankful for the opportunity, even though the journey isn’t always easy. Braces are an adventure, no matter who’s wearing them, and there are plenty of reasons to be thankful for them.

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Best and Worst Halloween Candy for Your Braces

halloween candy roberts and de marsche center city orthodontistIt will come as no surprise to read that most Halloween candy is not good for braces. There are very few sweets that are truly braces-friendly. But don’t despair if you have conventional metal braces. You can still indulge in Halloween treats without damaging your brackets and wires – it just takes some awareness and serious willpower.Read more

Can Wisdom Teeth Ruin Youth Braces?

wisdom teeth youth bracesNo orthodontic patient, or former orthodontic patient, wants their straight teeth to be ruined by the eruption of wisdom teeth. But it’s easy to forget about wisdom teeth if they’re not causing any problems. Your orthodontist, however, always has these third molars in mind, especially when it comes to youth braces.Read more

Can My Teen Wear Invisalign?

Invisalign Teen Center CityMany adolescents do not look forward to wearing braces. This initiation into the teen years may feel like a prison sentence for some, who envision missing out on the enjoyment of popcorn, pizza, candy, and all the tasty treats common among their peers. Invisalign Teen, however, has changed the course of orthodontia for many young people. And your teen could be a candidate for this revolutionary treatment.Read more

Does My Child Need Interceptive Orthodontics?

interceptive orthodontics roberts and de marscheIf your dentist tells you that your 8-year-old needs to see an orthodontist, you’re not hearing things. Some children benefit from early orthodontic treatment, which can start as early as age 7. Also known as Phase 1 or interceptive orthodontics, this pre-adolescent treatment can be initiated when baby teeth are still present and some adult teeth have erupted.Read more

When Should Your Child Be Evaluated for Youth Braces?

youth braces center cityYour child may have only lost a few of his or her baby teeth, but that doesn’t mean it’s too soon to see an orthodontist. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children receive an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7 for one very big reason: There is an earlier phase of youth braces that may simplify and shorten any future need for orthodontic treatment.Read more

Getting Married? Make Invisalign Part of Your Wedding Planning

Center City Invisalign wedding planningBrides and grooms want to look their very best on their wedding day. They work out, watch what they eat, hire stylists and makeup artists. While your figure and attire may be exactly to your liking come the big day, the question is: Will you be satisfied about everything when you look back on the wedding pictures, or will you lament that you celebrated the occasion sporting seriously misaligned teeth? You can change your smile before you get married, and your orthodontics don’t have to get in the way of your wedding planning when you choose Invisalign braces.Read more

Are You a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

good candidate for invisalign center cityIf you want a straight smile, you have undoubtedly given Invisalign some consideration. Your Center City Invisalign provider will have the final say on whether you are a good candidate for this innovative alignment method, but it’s important for you to know now whether this is the right kind of orthodontic treatment for your lifestyle and smile goals.Read more

Dr. William W. Roberts Named Top Dentist by Philadelphia Magazine

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Philadelphia orthodontist Dr. William W. Roberts has been named Top Dentist by Philadelphia magazine. A Rittenhouse Square-area orthodontist, Roberts serves his patients in two different offices – one in the Medical Arts Building in Philadelphia and the second in Lawrenceville, NJ – making appointment-scheduling convenient no matter where patients live, work, and play. His exceptional …

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