The Spooky Truth: Halloween Antics Could Damage Your Braces

Temptations are everywhere on Halloween, especially for adolescents who wear braces. All that glorious candy, all those fun costumes, all the stuff they should not partake of because of the brackets and wires on their teeth. This spooky holiday can lead to some serious frights if you aren’t careful. Orthodontic patients, follow these tips from your Center City orthodontist to avoid damage, disaster, and a trip to the orthodontist on November 1.

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5 Tips for Going Back to School with Braces or Invisalign Teen

If your tween or teen got braces or Invisalign Teen over the summer, they are heading into a new school year in a new way. Orthodontics are a major rite of passage for any adolescent, and it’s important to ensure that they keep up with good orthodontic care when they’re in school or with friends and not only when they’re home. Here are some of the tips to help your teen succeed in going back to school with braces.

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Don’t Let Braces Get in the Way of Your Favorite Foods

One of the biggest concerns most orthodontic patients have is whether they can still eat the foods they love even with braces on their teeth. There are several ways around limitations – and it’s easier than you think to continue to enjoy your favorite foods no matter where you are in your orthodontic journey.

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What to Expect When You Graduate from Braces

graduate from braces roberts and de marsche center city orthodontists

Whether it’s an adult or teen who’s being freed from brackets and wires or Invisalign, the graduation from being an orthodontic patient is a milestone to celebrate. Find out what to expect during the removal of braces and after this significant effort is complete.

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Some Braces for Kids Start with Orthodontic Expanders

Known as early orthodontics or interceptive orthodontics, expanders make it possible to open a child’s mouth and allow for the proper eruption of crowded adult teeth. Young children are the best candidates for these braces for kids and going through this brief but intense treatment makes all the difference in later orthodontics and oral health.

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How to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene While Wearing Braces

Maintaining good oral hygiene while wearing braces or Invisalign can be daunting at first. Patients wonder if they’re doing things the right way, and that’s normal. It’s good to be concerned about the proper technique for cleaning your hardware and teeth. Here are some tricks to develop a manageable routine and take good care of your orthodontics so your treatment stays on track.

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Summer and Braces: A Perfect Pair

braces in summer roberts and de marsche center city orthodontists

Everyone wants to wrap up school, sports seasons, and big job projects at the start of summer. This, after all, is the time of year to finally take a rest and enjoy the things you love. There is certainly room in summer to do something for yourself that will serve you well permanently – get braces. Adults and teens alike can make the most of starting their conventional metal braces or clear Invisalign treatment in summer.

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We Love Braces and Here Are 5 Reasons You Should Too

February begins with a groundhog, has hearts and romance in the middle, and ends with many people scratching their heads wondering if there are 28 or 29 days in the month. Amid this chaos, braces remain a constant for our patients. We love braces, and there are many reasons even non-orthodontists should love them too.

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Smile Like an Olympic Gold Medalist – with Braces

Olympic athletes with braces roberts and de marscheThere have been many notable moments from the Tokyo Olympics, but some of the most inspiring were the big smiles from gold medal swimmer Yui Ohashi. The Japanese athlete surprised many when her grin revealed teeth covered in braces. She wasn’t shy about letting the world see her orthodontia as she celebrated two gold medal victories in the Olympic pool.Read more

Braces Spell Freedom, Not Control

freedom braces roberts and de marsche center cityOne of the biggest factors that any orthodontic patient focuses on are the restrictions that come with wearing braces. Certainly, there are things that you cannot do while you have brackets and wires on your teeth, or while you are wearing clear trays. It’s easy to get bogged down in the present and forget about the future, but we’d like to take this Independence Day to remind you of just how freeing braces can be.Read more

Get Braces: Reveal a Straight Smile When the Mask Comes Off

braces when mask comes off center city orthodontists roberts and de marscheSmiles are powerful. We have all learned over the past year how hard it is to fully express ourselves with our mouths hidden by a mask. Your eyes and body language can only tell part of the story. When your mask does come off for good, what will your smile look like? If you’ve always wanted to straighten your teeth, now is one of the best times to get braces. Imagine the big reveal when you toss the mask aside and show off your beautiful, aligned teeth.Read more

Why Right Now Is the Right Time to Get Braces

get braces now center city orthodontistYou may feel like so many things in life are on hold because of the pandemic, but braces don’t have to be. In fact, this winter is one of the best times to get your orthodontic treatment started. Isolation, social distancing, and mask wearing are perks for brand new orthodontic patients who would rather hide than smile – so make the most of this opportunity to perfect your grin.Read more

6 Ways to Enjoy Halloween with Braces

halloween braces center city orthodontists roberts and de marscheBraces do not have to ruin your fun on Halloween. They simply force you to think more carefully before you indulge in whatever sweets are in the candy basket. Here are 10 important rules to follow so you don’t damage your orthodontics – or your teeth – celebrating October 31.Read more

Braces Won’t Interfere with Your Job

braces and career center city orthodontistGood teeth are an asset to any career. Whether you work alone, in a group, in an office, or on the road, a beautiful smile is a great resume-builder. If you have crooked teeth or other alignment issues, however, you may not speak up, shy away from opportunities, or avoid meaningful connections because you’re embarrassed by your smile. Braces give you the great smile you want – and they won’t interfere with your job along the way.Read more

5 Reasons to Love Your Center City Braces

love center city philadelphia bracesPlenty of Center City braces-wearers complain about their orthodontic treatment, but any discomfort you may feel or inconvenience you may experience is a means to a worthwhile end: beautiful, straight teeth. If resentment is all you feel about your braces, it’s time to look for the positives and open your heart to the benefits of braces.Read more